Sneakeasy Praxinoscopes

Nike, Jordan, and Foot Locker teamed up to create Sneakeasy, an exclusive popup retail experience which was designed by Hovercraft Studio. A premium sneakerhead store, first located in New York and later Boston. The Praxinoscope display at the center would highlight product or exclusive releases on different days. Working with concepts from my art director, I created artwork and assets for several of these displays, and delivered detailed style frames with notes to communicate with our animator.

Illustration | Animation


Studio: HOvercraft Studio

Creative Director: Zack Teachout

Art Director: Caleb Highley

Animator: Cameron Behbahany


Nike Kyrie 4 Dark "Think Twice" Obsidian

Sneakeasy Boston kicked off with the release of the Kyrie 4. Inspired by Kyrie's shoe commercial, flat earth controversy,  and the earth texture of the product, we decided to create a coin flip leading to the product above. One side had a flat earth rendering, and the opposite featured an earth textured Kyrie logo. 




Nike Kyrie 3 Raygun

The Raygun colorway was inspired by a classic Nike SB dunk shoe. We ran with the bold orange and yellow of the product to activate the display, and brought the raygun character to life with the praxinoscope. One praxinoscope loop showed the Raygun character in a jetback boosted walk cycle and the other features the character flying and shooting his raygun towards the product. 



Air Jordan 11 “Win Like ’82”

The release of a classic shoe required classic style for Sneakeasy New York. A classic pixel style, tuxedo wearing sneakerhead rocking the shoe. I created a large library with character in different poses and at different levels of detail and pixel density for the animator to bring to life. 'Next' refers to the sneakeasy tagline, 'A window to what is next.'



Nike Vapormax Moc “Triple Black”

For this sleek black Vapormax, we created a high contrast  animation of  bubbles coming together to form the recognizable sole, and then break apart. Vapor from this boiling water ran through the tagline, What's next. I worked with my art director's concept to create assets, detailed styleframes, and communicate with our animator who brought this to life.