Luke Acevedo first exhibited artwork at a very young age and achieved several successful sold out shows. Luke’s then famous Crayola masterpieces went for a nickel each to enthusiastic collectors, who he calls his family. While his profits may have slowed, Luke has continued to be passionate about art and design. Luke worked on the Phoenix staff as a fine arts editor of the 2013 Student Art and Literary publication. He is a recipient of Clark College’s Edda McCordic Talent Award for Art and “Best in Show” in the Archer Gallery’s Art Student Annual.




"Luke is pretty cool. He likes robots and stuff. And he runs a lot. You should totally hire him, cuz he's really good at art and design."                   

                                    - Ashleigh, Artist


"They [t-shirts designed and printed by Luke Acevedo] are even better than I've been dreaming. Did you guys notice that when you put it on, the National Anthem plays?  And also a bald eagle lands on your shoulder and sheds a single tear?"

                                    - Mark, Runner and T-shirt wearing client